Q.1 Write reply for this discussions Snow As I looked


Q.1 Write reply for this discussions


As I looked on the website, it was interesting to see how high the numbers are for unemployment. I knew it was a high amount but I didn’t expect it to be significantly high. Most of the unemployment came from the pandemic and continues to stagger as years of these pandemic continues. It was also interesting to see how these numbers have either stayed consistent or declined at a larger rate. It was clear to see that the unemployment rate was much higher than the employed rate. As they break down the unemployment rate by gender, both men and women were the same at 3.6% and seem to decline in December. When they broke down the unemployment by race whites was at 3.2% which according to data was the only one that declined. All the other ethnicities seem to have stayed the same with minimal change. This was actually surprising to me because I would assume that the percentages would all decline instead of most of them staying the same. More men seemed to be employed than women which was also interesting to me because I thought more women would have been employed or even with the men. 


Employment Situation Summary – 2021 M13 Results. (2022, January 7). Employment Situation Summary. https://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.nr0.htm

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