READ: Question 1: 1). What can the university do


Question 1:

1).  What can the university do to itself to also pose a threat to the university according to Faust?  Summarize your response in ½ a page.  Be sure to highlight 3 or 4 examples that President Faust believes can lead to the decline of the university at the hands of the university itself.

The concept of the global knowledge economy faltering is only one threat to the university according to former Harvard President Faust in her speech, The Role of the University in a Changing World. 

Preeminent to the university’s threat being a financial one, is the university’s response to costs and budget as a result of, “the focus on higher education as the fundamental engine of economic growth is proving so powerful that it will distort our understanding of all that universities should and must be” (5). 

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