As a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in …………….. ,

As a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in …………….. , factor analysis is used to help business owners maximize profit by helping with production output to increase revenue. For example, a study was found that is related to advanced accounting. This study used exploratory factor analysis to identify dimensions for non-banking financial institutions due to the dimensions that cause non-performing assets (Rajeev & Subramoniam, 2017). The purpose of the study is to verify the factors that are causing the non-performing assets to happen. The exploratory factor analysis and a questionnaire were used to find the causing factors. Based on the analysis findings, three components were found to be the factor. These three components were “professional incapability of the borrower in running the firm, borrower nature in wilful default and his/her influential nature on the financial institution and government, and weak internal policy of the firm or external environment which aid non-repayment of loan” (Rajeev & Subramoniam, 2017). The exploratory factor analysis helped the researcher come up with a solution that will help non-banking financial institutions control non-performing assets and become profitable going forward.  

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