Theoretical Foundations of ESL/EFL Reading Pedagogy


Summary of 10 Research Articles: Find and/or select 10 research articles related to Theoretical Foundations of ESL/EFL Reading Pedagogy. Write an annotated bibliography of the articles, including an introduction on the topic, your rationale for choosing the topic, a final conclusion generalizing your view of the findings of the studies. To help with choosing a topic, please look through the uploaded articles to choose one that interests you and then find 9 articles related to the one you’ve chosen. Please remember the 10 articles have to be related to a common topic of your choice and the articles have to academically peer reviewed research articles like the ones I uploaded for your consideration to choose a topic. Length: About a page and a half, double-spaced, typewritten page per article reviewed plus the general introduction and general conclusion generalizing your view of the findings of the studies. Total pages: 17 Presentation of Your Research Topic (Poster) The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to share your research.

Prepare a poster that represents your research interest and the articles you have chosen to review. There will be maximum of 8 minutes to present your research interest and the 10 articles you have chosen to review using 3 to 4 powerpoint slides or a poster with 3 to 4 components, to present. If you choose to design a poster, please follow the format in the 2 uploaded samples in the Word file ‘2 Poster samples’. Otherwise, 4 powerpoint slides have been paid for this choice. The words in the poster must be large enough to be readable when enlarged. Therefore, I have paid for 2 pages for this poster when it is actually 1 large page of the size of 2 pages. Please choose either the powerpoint slides or the large poster for this portion of the assignment.

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