Discuss the interpretation of Claudio in Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado about Nothing

Topic: Discuss the interpretation of Claudio in Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado about Nothing.(Movie) You should have textual evidence for your argument about him. (https://www.sparknotes.com/shakespeare/muchado/) Write a 2000-word research essay on one of the following topics. Essays must be typed, double spaced, and written in at least a 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman).

Use MLA style to list your sources on a separate page at the end of the essay. The word count does not include quotations of longer than 3 lines or layout/Works Cited material. You must use *three* peer-reviewed journal articles for your research paper, and these must be in your Works Cited. The journal articles must be specific interpretations of Much Ado about Nothing. They must be located in the MacEwan library. (https://library.macewan.ca/) ID: chenn4 Password: cn999999 Use this account to log in MacEwan library. Much Ado itself do *not* count as a source, though they must be listed in your Works Cited. Internet sources and summaries other than scholarly articles must form the basis of your argument. Don’t use informal reviews, popular sources, or blog entries as sources for your argument. Your essay will be an interpretation of one of the issues listed below: what is the novel or play saying about this issue? Make sure you have textual evidence for your interpretation of the play or novel in the form of quotations: any essay on a literary topic should contain evidence from the text to support your argument. You should examine at least four passages in detail and look at the language specifically. Don’t merely refer to events or descriptions in the play or novel. There will be a *substantial* (25%) deduction for lack of textual evidence. Don’t merely string together observations from the critics.

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