Case Study : Welfare to Work Organization Case Study

Paper to be written in APA format using Graduate level wording . (Social work course work)It is a 4 page paper w/ 2 task . so paper is broken up in two parts .

First part can use an article about economic human rights wiolentions experienced by women with children An article called Families in Society , 91 (4)read 356-362 and also using article 23-26 in UNDHR (also in article ) . As well As case study I will attach below w/ instruction. A logic model will be added as well which is a tool create as a recommndation for case study will assist in answering first part (logic model is for a program called “Per scholas Employment /training program for low income workers ” . Second part mostly concentrate on answering questions from article instructions below ;********************** Organization Intervention Assignment 4 Use the reading Fisher, S. (2007). Economic human rights violations experienced by women with children in the United States. Families in Society, 91(4), 356–362 to assist you in completing the following tasks. Again referring to the hypothetical welfare-to-work program we have been working with, and using Articles 23–26 of the UNDHR as a standard: Identify some of the opportunities the program (as you have structured it in your logic model) has to potentially enhance the realization of participants’ human rights. Identify for the program (as you have structured it in your logic model) ways it can inadvertently cause human rights violations. Please write two pages total for your response to the above questions.

Choose one violation from each of the four tables presented in the article. Answer the following set of questions about each of the violations: Does your intervention, as planned, remedy the violation? If so, how? If not, what changes will you need to make to your intervention in order to correct that violation? Please write two pages total for your response to the above questions.

You are social worker in a small nonprofit welfare-to-work training program. The program has met its goal of moving people from welfare into work but the executive director and staff are troubled by the poor standard of living achieved by graduates from the program and are concerned about how this impacts the future of children in the family. The agency employs 30 staff comprising an executive director, an assistant director, a finance and human resources manager, administrative assistant, 10 job coaches, 5 job finders, 10 case managers, and a part-time janitor/housekeeper. The program is located in a mid-sized city on the east coast. Referrals are sent through the local Department of Social Service. At any given time the agency is serving 250–490 clients.

The organization has developed good relationships with numerous community agencies that address barriers to employment such as substance abuse or anger management. The agency has been in existence since 2005 and is resourced through a combination of government funds, city/local funds, and private and in-kind donations and grants. Recently the city has been threatening to cut funding because they do not believe that outcomes are being achieved by the program. They have been discussing the possibility of contracting with a for-profit organization. The local community board is opposed to this idea as they prefer to support local organizations and not large corporations that do not have a stake in the community. Financial support from United Way, a community agency, is also in jeopardy because of a lack of evidence the organization is achieving its outcomes.

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