U.S. CJT system Essay

 Describe the purposes and functions of the 3 main components of the criminal justice system. Give examples of each. Include discussion on the main purpose of the U.S. Criminal Justice T system (overall). Please complete as a word document attachment. Please complete using APA formatting (in text citations, reference page). Cover page, minimum word count of 250, 12 font, double space, 1 inch margins, page numbers and reference page.Feel free to use sources outside of this course (reference them). HINT: Include in your discussion the following information: Lenf-the 3 levels of law enforcement, their responsibilities and real examples of each level. Courts-explain the 2 part US court system, include each of their responsibilities and describe each parts tiers of courts and their responsibilities. Corrections-list and explain the 4 main types of corrections in the United States and each of their responsibilities.

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