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TWO community resource visits. 

Interview & Visit: Early in the course, find two places in the community to visit that will work for your schedule! If you do not interview someone for any reason, you may still complete and submit this project.  Earning an “A” grade will require a visit and interview. 

Link to Sign-Up sheet for your resource so students are not contacting the same people. 

Description of Assignment:

Identify and visit 2 resources in your community that support children ages birth to five and their families.  

Interview a leader, manager, or licensed professional of the organization.  Identify and describe everything listed in the grading criteria. (Create your own interview questions based on what the assignment requires.) Make sure you interview a person who works with programming or services related to Birth-5 children.

Interview Questions:  Write your own questions, but here’s a tip.  You only need the information in the grading criteria, so make those items into your questions. 

If visiting a large organization with multiple programs, like Catholic Charities, choose just one program within that organization to focus on.  Do not take up more than 20 minutes of their time.

Obtain flyers, brochures, pamphlets, etc. from each resource organization.  Study their website. Call or email to set up an interview. 

You may choose the method to display your information (Slides, written, video (less than 5 minutes total), charts.).  The information should be well organized, look professional, and submitted via D2L in one of the accepted file formats. 

Services offered

  • At least 4 ideas about their services are listed and clearly described 
  • Cost/Funding: What do families pay or how is the program funded if families don’t pay?
  • Qualify: How does a family qualify for services or “get in” to the program?
  • Referral: If you wanted to refer a family to this service or program, how would you do that or what process would you follow? 
  •  Must be specifically for families of children aged Birth-Five 

Mission, successes, and challenges of the work

  • Identify and describe these according to the person interviewed
  • mission stated 
  • at least 3 successes and 3 challenges stated and clearly described 

Information, Links, and contact information

  •  Name, Title & Contact information for the person interviewed 
  • The date you visited the community resource  
  • Link to the website 
  • Any other information you obtained and would like to include

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For this assignment, the students are required to identify and visit two resources in their community that support children between the ages of birth to five and their families. They will need to interview a leader, manager, or licensed professional from each organization and gather information according to the grading criteria. The students should create their own interview questions based on the required information. The assignment also includes obtaining flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and studying the website of each resource organization. The students are free to choose the method to display their information, as long as it is well organized and looks professional.

Answer to content:

To complete this assignment successfully, the students need to consider various aspects related to the community resources supporting children aged birth to five and their families. The following are the key points that should be included in their answers:

1. Services offered:
– Identify and describe at least four ideas about the services provided by the organization.
– Explain the cost/funding aspect, including whether families need to pay and if not, how the program is funded.
– Describe the qualification process for families to access the services or become a part of the program.
– Explain the referral process for families who would like to refer someone to the service or program.

2. Mission, successes, and challenges of the work:
– Identify and describe the organization’s mission as stated by the person interviewed.
– Provide at least three successes achieved by the organization in supporting children aged birth to five and their families.
– Highlight three challenges faced by the organization in their work.

3. Information, links, and contact information:
– Provide the name, title, and contact information of the person interviewed.
– Mention the date of the visit to the community resource.
– Include a link to the website of the organization.
– Add any other relevant information obtained during the visit that the students would like to include.

Remember, the students should create their own interview questions based on the grading criteria and ensure that the information is displayed in a well-organized manner using one of the accepted file formats for submission.

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