Individually begin your literature review by undertaking a Nursing Assignment Help

Individually begin your literature review by undertaking a search for empirical evidence that supports your theory. Each student will individually find 3-4 scholarly articles to identify how this theory was used and tested, including whether it is used for an intervention study, how the constructs (concepts) of the theory were measured, and whether the research findings support the propositions in the theory.

I have decided to research “Modeling and Role-Modeling” by Erickson, Tomlin, and Swain. 

We picked this GTN to research as this theory highlights the importance of holistic care, therapeutic relationships, and individualized care in nursing practice. This provides a framework for nurses to guide their practice and is important to understand as an Advanced Practice Nurse. 

Follow this rubric


 Title Page includes title of assignment, student name, course #, section and name, Professor’s Name, and Date of Submission.


 Abstract Includes structured abstract on a separate page. 


 List each individual databases and keywords used. 

 Lists the number of outputs yielded. 

 Lists all processes done. 

 Lists all delimiters used to pare down output. 

 Identifies the final number of sources deemed useful and relevant. 

 Includes written summary of the selected sources and wove a story that could be used to integrate with the group work 

 Formatting, Mechanics, and References 

Includes 3-4 sources 

 Uses correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. 

 Uses correct APA Formatting, 7th edition, including page number

Grand nursing Theory 

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